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Therapeutic mobile massage

Calgary, AB

I am offering therapeutic mobile massages for various injuries and conditions, also relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy and postnatal massages, and treatments for teenagers, adults, including seniors, and individuals with mobility and other issues. 

I cannot do direct billing, but can provide a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. I can do mobile massages in SW, SE and not too far NW of Calgary (not far from Downtown). 

Un-vaxxed welcomed and preferred! Regarding masks – it is up to you. I am just asking that you confirm that you do not have any flu-like symptoms, just in case.

I am using the following techniques and modalities, and treating the following conditions:
– Relaxation, deep tissue and various therapeutic massage techniques; myofascial release – including dynamic cupping.
– Conditions that I treat and help with: tension headaches, TMJ (jaw) issues; tennis, golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel-like symptoms; tension in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and elsewhere; sciatica/piriformis syndrome); plantar fasciitis; frozen shoulder, and many others.
– Chronic tension in different muscles. Trigger point work (“knots” in muscles).
– Pre- and post-natal massage.
– Lymphatic drainage.
– Special massage techniques for treating the scar tissue and swelling at and around scar tissue after surgeries, after the surgical cut is closed/healed (after knee and hip replacements, mastectomy, C-section etc).
– Using stretches and joint mobilization during therapeutic massages, when needed.
– Gentle and supportive massage to help with anxiety, depression and lots of stress in clients that need help to relax – massage is great for that.
– Treating work related injuries and repetitive motion related injuries; sport injuries.


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