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The Farm Team: Local organic fed chicken, eggs and microgreens

Linden, Alberta

Keeping your family healthy in our current environment is challenging.  Processed and fast food is everywhere and, quite frankly, pretty darn convenient.  With more time spent at home in the past year, you may have had time to reflect on your diet and what you and your kids are eating.  You may have even found out troubling information about processed food, for example, many breakfast cereals contain glyphosate or that fresh vegetables are irradiated to force the ripening of produce that is picked too early.  Not exactly the foundation for a healthy family.

That’s where small local farmers like us can help you out.  We grow food the way Mother Nature has forever!  We plant seeds in soil, raise animals with access to the outdoors, and use their waste as fertilizer to grow amazing food. If you’ve been searching for healthier food, your small local farms are the place to look!

Welcome to The Farm Team, we can’t wait to meet you!



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