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Soul to Sole Energy Healing and Reflexology

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The Energy Work part is about releasing trapped or unprocessed emotions.

We are all made of energy and have a frequency, as do emotions… when we feel the emotion fully it passes through us… when we avoid (consciously or unconsciously) a feeling or emotion it gets stuck (aka emotional baggage). Using muscle testing I tap into your energy field and release the trapped emotions… allowing the frequency of the body back into alignment!

Some common reasons for a session are body aches or pains, trouble sleeping, challenging relationships, emotional patterns, specific emotions ex. anger, depression, sadness.


The Foot Reflexology part is hands on and based upon the 60 reflex points in the feet that are associated with the whole body including neck, hips, knees, sinus, kidney, lungs etc. By relaxing the reflex it allows the body to go back into alignment, which is where it wants to be!

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