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Single mom looking for Mon-Fri 8-5pm work

Edmonton, AB NW/NE

Single Mother forced out of work by Vaxx Mandates

I’ve been forced out of work due to the vaccine mandate. My employer gave me the ultimatum. I am to get the vaccine by September 30 of this year or I am to be put on unpaid leave.

As you know, I have a child and; therefore, I need a job take take care of my child.

I do have a car at the moment and can drive most places NW, but I live in the north east and my daughters daycare it’s only open so early and so late, so a job 8 to 5pm would suit us.

my current resume is a little out of date but I would like to get some thing up as soon as possible until I update it. To add to it now, I currently work at Ocean Trailer as a class one driver (and have been for the last over 3 1/2 years) doing shunt work in the yard. It’s an 8 to 5 job which seems to work well for my daughter‘s daycare. The resume I’m posting has my old married name, and an outdated address and phone number.

thank you for considering me

Rebecca Bird



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