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A Group of Volunteers

The Freedom Pages is a vision born from the devastation wrought by the measures instituted in the name of fighting covid – an online directory that seeks to connect freedom loving Canadians with like-minded businesses who do not discriminate based on personal beliefs or medical status with respect to face coverings or vaccinations in particular.

This resource was created by a group of volunteers, regular folks with no political affiliations, as an effort to push back against draconian regulations and to recreate a world in which we can all thrive once again.

Individuals & businesses may post listings for employment, health services, apartments, social events, dating, travel, education, legal services and so much more, including an exclusive app for businesses to find and schedule employees.

Please share this site far and wide to any friends, family and associates who might appreciate this initiative!

We hope to welcome you all here very soon.

We found a new client thanks to the Telegram group - thank you!!
Balance Bookkeeping Team
BC Telegram Group
Thanks so much for posting the listing.
I already have a first client.
GTA Telegram Channel
Since joining this group I found a great job and have met some fantastic no mask/vax peeps 🙂
BC Telegram Group